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Lakestar operates in early and growth-stage ventures by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide, focusing on internet and technology companies that can quickly achieve global scale.

Founded by Klaus Hommels, one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists, Lakestar has invested in many of the companies that define today’s digital economy, including Facebook, Spotify and Skype, and more recently Opendoor, GoEuro, FiveAI and Blockchain.

Lakestar has a presence in Zurich, Berlin, London, New York and Hong Kong.

20 February 2019
Lakestar in the press

EF raises $115M new fund, aiming to create another 300-plus startups in the next three years

Entrepreneur First (EF), the world’s leading talent investor with headquarter in London, invests in the world’s most talented and ambitious individuals and raised a $115M new fund. The new fund was led by a number of leading (mostly unnamed) institutional investors across the U.S., Europe and Asia. It is one of the largest pre-seed funds ever raised and aiming to create another 300-plus startups in the next three years.
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14 February 2019
Lakestar in the press

GoEuro rebrands as Omio to take its travel aggregator business global

The European travel booking platform, GoEuro, has unveiled its latest ambition to go global, with a new platform for its users and a new name, the company will now be known as ‘Omio’.
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5 February 2019
Lakestar in the press

A Music Startup Is Paying Artists For Their Future Royalties

In 2018, Lakestar invested in the Swedish start-up Amuse, a company that is reinventing traditional record labels. Today Amuse have debut Fast Forward, a new service that projects artists’ future earnings using machine learning. The system can automatically analyse more than 27 billion pieces of data, such as streams of an artist’s latest album, to understand their future royalties.
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