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Lakestar operates in early and growth-stage ventures by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide, focusing on internet and technology companies that can quickly achieve global scale.

Founded by Klaus Hommels, one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists, Lakestar has invested in many of the companies that define today’s digital economy, including Facebook, Spotify and Skype, and more recently Opendoor, Omio (formally GoEuro), Glovo and Revolut.

Lakestar has a presence in Zurich, Berlin, London, New York and Hong Kong.

24 October 2019
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Tech entrepreneurs in Israel will benefit from making closer links with European investors

Israel is a small country with a population of just over 8.5 million, but it is the source of much of the deep technology behind the scientific advances and high-tech engineering innovations that are revolutionising our lives. In fact, the Israeli tech ecosystem is second only to San Francisco’s in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, digital health and cyber security, and is attracting large amounts of investment from overseas.
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16 September 2019
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In much of the world, the real estate market can best be described as chaotic, something which we discovered in 2015 when looking for a property in the popular second home location of Mallorca, Balearic Islands. In Spain, a destination much-loved amongst visitors from countries such as Germany and Britain, the property market works differently from most of Northern Europe, with no transparency in its operations. Having previously been involved in two successful start-ups, we decided to see if we could change it for the better
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8 August 2019
Thought Leadership

The next generation of founders and their vital impact on Europe’s future

How Lakestar works hand-in-hand with Europe’s top technical universities to help power the progress of venture capital investments in Europe.
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