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24 August 2021 INSIGHTS

A deep dive into deep tech

Lakestar partner Stephen Nundy in conversation with Dealroom CEO Yoram Wijngaarde

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11 August 2021 IN CONVERSATION

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…

Founder Tugce Bulut explains how Streetbees is making consumer research more instant and valuable

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10 August 2021 AGLET

Gaming and the Sneakerworld

Aglet's founder talks about his location-based commerce platform for virtual and physical goods

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Interactive entertainment is cannabilising media

Lakestar Principal Ben Cousens shares his thinking on the future of video games

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30 July 2021 INSURTECH

Solving the security deposit problem

Paraag Sarva, Co-founder of Rhino, describes the journey from idea to its future ambitions

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