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News from our ecosystem

9 November 2020 PORTFOLIO UPDATE

Lakestar AGM and entrepreneurs’ experiences

We produced 3 films to discus the 2020 and what the future holds with our fantastic Entrepreneurs

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30 October 2020 GETYOURGUIDE

GetYourGuide raises €114M in convertible note financing

COVID-19 pandemic hit tourism hard, but forecasts predict that 2021/22 will feature a huge rebound

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28 October 2020 COMPANY UPDATE

Streetbees joins our portfolio and raises $40m in their Series B financing round

Streetbees measures the offline behaviour of more than 3.5m users in 120 global markets in real-time

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Strategy in the age of digital disruption

Disruption is a popular topic in management theory and features heavily in INSEAD’s business courses

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30 September 2020 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

When should your start-up ‘go global’?

Expanding beyond your home market may seem like a given for an ambitious tech start-up – no matter…

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