How Streetbees is shaking up a $75bn market

Human intelligence platform Streetbees is driving change in the customer research market, an industry which has seen little disruption. Today, 8/10 of the biggest international consumer goods brands rely on Streetbees to decipher human behaviour and decode the real reasons behind consumer decisions.

Streetbees founder, Tugce Bulut, was asked by our Partner, Christoph Schuh how Streetbees is shaking up a $75bn market. She said, “Using the internet was a pretty painful experience before @Google came into the picture. By bundling every single website in a single search engine, we can find on the internet whatever we need. streetbees is building the search engine for the offline world.”

At Lakestar, we’re great believers in Streetbees’ mission to turn raw data into customer intelligence and actionable insights. In conversation, Christoph Schuh asked Tugce Bulut about the company’s mission and future plans, as well as how Lakestar and Streetbees are partnering to accelerate growth.