Our beliefs

We were born with European values coursing through our veins.

We look at opportunities differently.

We believe in tech brilliance.

We believe in people as well as ideas, based on experience that says an idea only has integrity if its creator does.

We believe in the long term, we do so because we have the confidence of history.

We understand the importance of regulation, knowing the elements and subtleties that can explode or inhibit ideas.

We are hungry but not greedy. We have powerful connections yet we speak quietly. 

We are persistent and cooly resilient, often displaying a useful steeliness.

We have a laudable track record of identifying and supporting talented people. 

We have experienced the scaling of businesses, sometimes to unimaginable heights.

We have a fervent belief in the entrepreneurs and investors who are the inventors of the 21st century.

We have total conviction that we can build the future together.