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19 October 2021

How Public is opening the stock market to all

Public is democratising investing with the creation of a social network around its stock brokerage.
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14 October 2021

How to set yourself up for change and growth

Leadership consultant Gillian Davis shares some of her learnings on leadership and change.
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29 September 2021

A Quantum Leap

Two technology pioneers from the Lakestar portfolio discuss the next generation of computing
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22 September 2021

HomeToGo starts trading at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

This marks a pivotal milestone for the European tech ecosystem and the travel industry more broadly.
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10 September 2021

ZEBEDEE has raised an $11.5 million Series A, led by Lakestar

Principal Ben Cousens talks to founder Simon Cowell about the payment provider for virtual worlds
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24 August 2021

A deep dive into deep tech

Lakestar partner Stephen Nundy in conversation with Dealroom CEO Yoram Wijngaarde
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11 August 2021

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…

Founder Tugce Bulut explains how Streetbees is making consumer research more instant and valuable
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10 August 2021

Gaming and the Sneakerworld

Aglet's founder talks about his location-based commerce platform for virtual and physical goods
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6 August 2021

Interactive entertainment is cannabilising media

Lakestar Principal Ben Cousens shares his thinking on the future of video games
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30 July 2021

Solving the security deposit problem

Paraag Sarva, Co-founder of Rhino, describes the journey from idea to its future ambitions
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28 July 2021

Isar Aerospace announces a $75 million extension round of its Series B funding

Isar Aerospace will further invest in its launch, testing, and manufacturing infrastructure
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27 July 2021

German AI pioneer Aleph Alpha raises €23m Series A funding, co-led by Lakestar

The company aims to revolutionize the accessibility and usability of AI "Made in Europe"
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27 July 2021

Solarisbank raises €190m Series D funding, valuing the company at €1.4b

The German company also acquires competitor Contis on its journey to build a pan-European leader.
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1 June 2021

Pitch has raised $85m Series B funding, led by Lakestar

The dominance of traditional office suite software has been disrupted in recent years as…
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26 May 2021

Uncapped has raised $80m in funding, led by Lakestar

Uncapped is providing startups a fast, flexible and efficient method to access capital
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30 April 2021

How to lead a scaling business

Tips and best practice on how to adapt leadership in a scaling organisation
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1 March 2021

Serving football fans with the most relevant and comprehensive content globally

How OneFootball founder Lucas von Cranach built one of the top 1000 apps worldwide
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26 February 2021

Rows is raising €16m Series B financing, led by Lakestar

Rows is rethinking spreadsheets by using built-in integrations and a live sharing experience
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22 February 2021

Lakestar Spac I SE listed at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Our founder Klaus Hommels provides European growth companies an alternative route to public markets
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19 February 2021

Make the leap: how start-ups can enjoy success in Going Global

Insights on best practices and pitfalls for start-ups looking to expand internationally
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18 February 2021
BLOCKCHAIN.COM raises a $120m strategic growth round

The company is well positioned to further fuel the rapidly growing crypto currency ecosystem
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18 February 2021
PUBLIC.COM raises $220m Series D funding

The company reached 1 million users and is now valued at about $1.2 billion
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3 February 2021

Holded raises €15m Series B financing

Holded plans to further expand internationally, opening up France as a key market this year
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26 January 2021

Rhino raises $95m funding round

The security deposit insurance pioneer is seeing stellar growth and is now valued at $500m
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